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Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is a documentary proof which certifies that an individual belongs to a particular caste. Caste certificate is an essential and useful document through which the citizens of Maharashtra state can avail the various kinds of facilities. In this article, we look at the guidelines for obtaining caste certificate in Maharashtra through online and offline modes.

Purpose of Caste Certificate
Caste certificate provides reservation quota in te government jobs as well as job promotions in the State Government. It mainly helps those who belong to Scheduled Castes/Tribes or Other Backward Classes. Caster certificates can also be used for educational purposes such as scholarships, admission in any school, college or any other universities. Apart from these uses, it also helps the holder get the various kinds of schemes from the Central Government, State Government and NGO’s.

Documents Required
The following are the list of documents required for obtaining caste certificate in Maharashtra

  • Application form
  • Residence proof
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of ration card
  • Copy of income certificate
  • Copy of voter ID card / electoral roll
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Photograph