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CSC Computer Academy

With the development of Internet, mobile phones, mobile apps, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices, things are becoming more and more digitalised in today's world. The education system in India's metros and other cities has also become modernised to a great extent, making way for digitalisation. With a number of International schools coming up, digital education is making its way into the education system of India and is taking the place of the traditional classroom training.

The advent of technology has transformed and changed the mode of our lives in all its aspects. People can learn in distant universities without having to travel there. They can access to various sources of information through the World Wide Web. Unlike the traditional schools where students' learning was only restricted to the school context, most schools today provide students with various contexts of learning through the use of digital technologies that facilitate their communication with their friends, teachers and people from other countries.

Digital education, classroom teachings have become more fun and interactive. Children tend to be more attentive. They are not only listening but also viewing it on the screen which makes their learning all the more effective. Here, sounds and visuals go hand-in-hand which is easy for the child to grasp.

Interactive online presentations or practical sessions in educational content through interactive screen time help the students to pay more attention to details which enable them to complete their activities on their own. Active online screen time helps students develop language skills. By reading eBooks or accessing study materials online, they learn new words and expand their vocabulary.

Many a times, a student hesitates to ask a question to his teacher in classroom training. But with digital education, even if he does not understand anything at one go, he can attend the recorded sessions to clear his doubts. Technology enables a student to learn at his own pace.

The best thing about digital education is that it is user-friendly. You can very well access your curriculum wherever you are. You can learn on the go. Even if you miss certain classes, you can access the class notes and download files from the school website.

Also, nowadays, online study materials are easily available. Even if the entire education system is not digitalised, yet students can leverage the power of digital content depending upon their capabilities. So students, can access exclusive online study modules of various subjects, which help them to enhance their knowledge even without a teacher.

With online education, students can even further connect with distant counsellors and faculty to seek guidance or resolve queries.

Digital technologies are increasingly used by schools to support learning and enable students to communicate with parents and provide access to school resources from home. Therefore, CSC Academy believe that digital technologies consolidated the communication channels between the home and the school. This matter is of paramount importance as it increases parental engagement in children's learning. Consequently, parents can take informed decision regarding the future of their children and can participate with teachers in developing the level of their children. Parental engagement in the learning process enhances children achievement at school.


Role of CSC Academy in Digital Education:

  • CSC Academy has provided the platform for Digital Education by the collaboration with Embibe and Avdhan PVT Ltd. CSC Academy has also provided the Mr. Anand Kumar's “Super 30” online books