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Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document. The digital equivalent of a handwritten signature or stamped seal, a digital signature offers far more inherent security, and it is intended to solve the problem of tampering and impersonation in digital communications.
Digital signatures can provide the added assurances of evidence of origin, identity and status of an electronic document, transaction or message and can acknowledge informed consent by the signer.In many countries, including the United States, digital signatures are considered legally binding in the same way as traditional document signatures. The United States Government Publishing Office publishes electronic versions of the budget, public and private laws, and congressional bills with digital signatures.

Uses of Digital Signature:

The Uses of digital signature is the same as that of a handwritten signature. A digital signature uses digital keys to authenticate a person. A digital signature certificate attached to any document is a binding commitment by the signature holder in accordance to IT Law in India. The use of digital signature is going uphill because unlike a handwritten signature, it is considered impossible to counterfeit or fake a digital signature. With technological advancement we are moving away from the pen and paper world to an electronic era. Now-a-days most of the government and private tenders are collected electronically only. In India it mandatory for most, to file taxes like Income Tax, GST etc electronically. In all this electronic transactions uses of digital signature is mandatory to make it legally binding.

 Uses of digital signature certificate also include sending secure email as well as doing web-based monitory transactions. You can also use Digital Certificate for code singing of any software developed by you or to prove ownership of your domain name. In India uses of digital signature is also mandatory for patent and trademark registration. Use of digital signature also includes banking transaction and mobile security.


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